Dear All – Further to the poll re AGM date, the majority said January would suit them better.

Therefore we are looking at a date of 8th January for the AGM, this will be a Teams meeting.
I have attached a copy of the rules in case there are any suggestions for changes to rules.
As per current rules any proposals for changes of rule must be submitted to the  Secretary of the League by no later than 4 weeks before the date of the AGM – which is Sun 18th December.
I will send the Agenda & teams invite & any requested rule changes within a couple of days of 18th December.
We are also looking for people to volunteer to be come members of the League exec, we have had a couple of resignations over the years and we also need to be forward planning to make sure we have enough to keep the league going.
We usually have a teams meeting ahead of the AGM, another before the start of the 1st round and 1 after each round. We also try & have a member of the exec at each gala. If this is something you or anyone in your club would be able to help us with please let me have their names and we will put them forward to the AGM
Many thanks Hayley